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9 years ago
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Run TestCase from an other project ...

There should be the possibility to run testcases from testsuites of foreign projects. Cool sideeffect will be that project files could be smal and straightforward and could be separarted for a single service (wsdl) of distributed software environment.


The maintenance effort could also be reduced to a minimum, when WSDL/API of one service changed it's just necessary to update the main testcase and all linked 'run testcases' were automatically updated. 


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    Two questions:

    • How can I do this?
    • In what version of Ready! API
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    Sorry, I just saw that with this TestStep its not possible with an other project, only within the same project


    But this can be achieved by a simple 1liner groovyscript testStep


    Create a new Groovy TestStep, with the following content:




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    Hey Xavier, 

    yes you'r right. For some 'single shot' testing issues this 1liner will help, but that's not really what i missed in soapUI. I try to build and provide a testing framework of different base services which represents base actions like 'LoadTHIS', 'DeleteTHAT', 'MoveFromHEREtoTHERE', etc. 


    For integration tests, or more complexe test scenarios which uses a bunch those base actions over many different base services it would be helpful to extend the current 'Run TestCase Step' with the possibility to select first the targetProject, then the targetTestSuite and finally the targetTestCase. The intention is, that anybody can do/create those high level tests without deeper knowledge of Groovy or the ModelItems structure of SoapUI ... :-)


    As mentioned above, this would be helpful to reduce the maintenance efford to a minimun because only the base test steps must be maintained over the time. The integration tests are only helpful needful at project time and can be dimissed after finishing the project successfully.


    Many thanks,