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8 years ago

ReadyApi 2.0 - GetData resizeable

With the release of ReadyApi 2.0 GetData behavior was changed and we are NOT impressed.


  1.  Font size is set and unchangeable
  2. Column width is set and unchangeable


This means that ANY TestSuite, TestCase etc. with names longer than 16 characters all look a like, making it impossible to be efficient as new functionality forces us to MouseOver to be able to find the correct TestCase name.


Please at least make the GetData Columns resiazeable, so we can see the names of our TestSuites and TestCases again!


See attached file.


  • Status changed:
    Selected for Development

    GetData is now resizeable as of today's 2.3 release.  Please try it



  • Status changed:
    New Idea
    Selected for Development

    This will be available in 2.3 release of ReadyAPI.  If you are reading this comment after v2.3 release, please try it there

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    I wholehearted agree. It's definitely more "bling" than practical.


    I'm taking the liberty of piggyback riding this, with some additional requests, as the topic is this specific window:


    1. Allow selection of multiple properties in test case/step , such that clicking Add generates multiple variables.
    2. Automatically place the cursor in the search box, such that mouse movement and clicks are minimized.
    3. Pressing tab, while the cursor is in the search box should move focus to the select options below. Pressing tab again could move the cursor to the next search box.

    Please let me know, if these should be part of a separate feature requests

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    I agree, I've run into issues with this new design that have been frustrating me.


    The window that pops up and the columns need to be re-sizable to be useful