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10 years ago

pararel working on same project in the same time

It would be very great if 2 test engineers would be able to work on same project in same time in SoapUI.

Or at least there should exist some kind of "merge tools" that takes changes from project1, project2, ... projectN, and merges those changes to one "master project". This functionality is very needed when services are already defined in SoapUI and you want to make test-cases corresponding to each service and you want to derivate this kind of work on more than 1 people.


This is not posible right now and you have to merge changes manualy (via total commander for example).


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    I might be totally wrong here, but doesn't the Composite Project feature do exactly what you want? Please take a look here: http://www.soapui.org/soapui-projects/team-testing-support.html.


    In Ready! API 1.3 (coming out soon) we're also shipping R!A with a Git Plugin. That plugin can be used as a template for creating plugins for integration with other Version Control Systems.


    Please check out Composite Projects and let me know if that was what you looked for. :)



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    yes, that's what I was looking for. Thank you and please accept my appologize for this wrong post!