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7 years ago

Make it possible to clone environments between different projects

Different projects may require the same environments. It would be useful to clone them directly rather than recreating them all over again.


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    I would much rather see the environments moved out of the project.  That way you can set it up once an not have to recreate/clone/import it in each project.  That way you would just create or import a project, select the environment in which you would like to run your project, and then run it.  Having the environments outside of the project makes more sense to me.  It would also be nice to be able to clone an environment to make minor changes, like IP addresses to establish a new environment.  Also exporting would be ideal in case you would like to port that over to a test environment that is separated or to archive it for disaster recovery purposes.

  • I could use this too. We separate our tests into separate projects for organizational purposes but they require the same environments. It's a chore to keep multiple project environments in sync. I wouldn't need this if there was support for folders within ReadyAPI and was able to organize everything within a single project

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    It'd be very useful if we have this feature to import and export all environments from one project to another project.


    It should be similar to how we export a testcase into .xml file and from another project we import the same .xml file as testcase.

    We have more than 30 wsdl and each having 10 versions, its very difficult to create env from scratch when we create new projects in ReadyAPI.


    As shown below, need two options like import and export, when we export env, tool should create a .xml file having all the environment details(SoapServices,Custom Prop,JDBC req,JMS Ser,REST Serv etc.)


    When we import the same xml from another project, all these environments should be configured in new project(Just need to add these data into project settings.xml file)


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    Hi Community, it would be nice to understand which parts of Environment you would like to be able to copy. This will help us understand this feature request better!


    Please leave you comments in this regard here. 

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    There is an existing request in our backlog, internal ID: RIA-3350.

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    Also, I would add this: when creating a new environment for the same project and using the "Copy endpoints & credentials from project", create a third option to also include existing PROPERTY VALUES. In my projects, I have at least 20 custom properties per project that I have to copy over/fill from existing environments, and it's pretty tedious to copy their values one by one.