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8 years ago
Community Feedback Requested

Make Data Source available for the whole project, instead of a test case.

Hi, it would be nice if Data Sources can be used for the whole project. Right now it is limited to the test case level.


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    I don't know what the OP needs. But, I can guess one sample use case.

    Run all tests in project for USA, Europe region. For certain test cases, run the tests for China & India *also*. Think of this as inheritance in data source.

    PS - If these kind of things and customizability are a huge deal for the OP, then it might be time to consider using a programming language instead of ReadyAPI. That way, you have the freedom to implement whatever you like, provided you can bear the costs.

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    Community Feedback Requested

    It would be great to get some use-case examples

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    May be it would make a better case if the use case(s) is explained with good and generic examples.

    Can't imagine use of the request without details.

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    It's been awhile. Any update from SoapUI Product Owner or BAs if there is a chance that we'll see this become a reality? :-)

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    That would be a good idea, but nevertheless the DataSource should also be usable on TestCase level only. 

    So if possible, make this optional for both?