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6 years ago
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Handle duplicate attributes in the JSON response

Right now, we are getting the below error in Ready Api when we have duplicate attributes but POSTMAN handles this.



The content you are trying to view is not valid JSON.

Duplicate field 'displayTypeQualifier' for ObjectNode: not allowed when FAIL_ON_READING_DUP_TREE_KEY enabled



Please refer https://community.smartbear.com/t5/SoapUI-Pro/not-allowed-when-FAIL-ON-READING-DUP-TREE-KEY-enabled/td-p/166410  for more details. Thanks

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    Is this issue resolved? We are getting the same error when JSON has any duplicate values.


    Also the link specified on this original post is not accessable. Appreciate if we could response on this ASAP as it is blocking our testing.