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4 years ago
New Idea

Allow bulk change for source & property on the assertion test step

When using the assertion test step you can highlight multiple verifications and select "Change Source and Property". After you make your changes and select OK only the first verification is updated. Allowing bulk change of these properties will save a lot of time if you need to point your assertions to a different request.


I am currently on ReadyAPI 3.0.0


  • Whenever you want to update any bulk changes which is common to all cases it's better to as find and replacement using XML project.




    1.Just open the soap ui /ready api project in notepad++.


    2. do the find and replacement for particular value and save this as same XML .


    3.Importit from ready api so that your time will be saved...


    Try and let us know.

  • My use of the word bulk may have been a little misleading. My request is to be able to the source and property for multiple assertions at the same time. If you have an assertion test step with 20 assertions and you want to change 10 of them to use a different source; you will have to update each of them individually. Well it is possible to do this by updating the XML it would still require to update one property at a time.