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7 years ago
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Add optional "Suite Group" level above Test Suites in the SoapUI hierarchy, for better organization

Enhancement Request:

It would be useful if we add an extra "Suite Group", or "Suite Categories" level in the SoapUI test case hierarchy for organizing test suites. This would be a parent of Test Suite. This way you could collapse.expand categories of test suites. This should be an optional level, so that those who just want test suites wouldn't need to have the extra layer of categories.


Reasoning for it's usefulness:

Currently, in each project, we organize tests by test suite, and test case. There is no broader category than test suite.  In a situation where you have multiple APIs that while might mostly be independent, but that do also have interaction with each other, it would be handy to have them all be in a single project.


However, if each API itself needs several test suites for testing it, then having multiple APIs in a single project isn't great for organizing your test suites, since they're all in a flat structure at the test suite level.  That's one reason for keeping the APIs in different projects, so that you can expand only the test suites for the given API, without seeing a bit list of all the other API's test suites.


The most common usage for Suite Groups/Categories would likely be to organize test suites by each API in the project, but their would certainly be other categories that people would come up with.


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    Thanks Sanj,


    Though, tags are different. They help filter test cases within a given test suite.


    What I'm referring to is a way for organizing groups of test suites themselves.


    Perhaps "Suite Groups" or "Suite Categories" would be a better term than just "Categories".


    Regarding submitting feature requests via support.  Yes, I've submitted requests there sometimes, though their support form does encourage people to submit feature requests here in the forum instead, to see what kind of interest there is in the ideas.

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    Let me support that request as well! Having only two "levels" (Test Suite, Test Case) above the test steps makes it really difficult to organize your tests, when you have hundreds of those...

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    There is an existing feature request for this in our backlog (Internal ID: RIA-7153)