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7 years ago
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More active paid community support for QAComplete

While working with TestComplete and I come a crossed issue, I have no problem getting answers from the community. From people like tristaanogre However, with QAComplete I sometime have to wait weeks in order to get any response. I would like to see some dedicated paid QAComplete members help out the forms on a more regular basis.

We are all in software development, so we all have deadlines. I am new to smart bear products and most of my issue are blocking me from continuing. Thus pushing back deadlines. I would like more support in the forums, if that means paying someone, then I'd find that extremely beneficial


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    FYI, folks like me aren't paid by SmartBear... I'm a general TestComplete user who happens to like helping others.


    If you need more immediate support answers for your questions, I'd suggest creating direct tickets to SmartBear using  User community forums, like this, are not the best solution for rapid turn around because, as you said, we're all actual users with deadlines and such.  If you have an urgent need that is time-sensitive, it is better to utilize the main support staff.

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    Well thats just it, i have generic questions to solve generic solutions. Nothing specific towards my project. If it is specific i can see contacting support and getting an answer, but the forums are used for the community to get answers and discuss solutions. 

    If i could get a direct answer from someone who is a paid ref of smartbear on a public forum, others can see that answer and gain that knowledge. 

    If i lock away my question to be directed at smartbear only, they might have 50 different clients asking them the same question when it could have been public knowledge to all.

    The QAComplete forums are just very "dead" in my opinion, Id love to help out more but I dont know QAComplete as much as I want