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9 years ago

Custom lists and document sharing

Since ALMComplete is at end of life, it would be useful if custom list and shared document capabilities were incorporated into QAComplete.  Our project has recently integrated a help desk capability into QAComplete the last year and have re-purposed the "Agile Tasks" area to accomodate this change.  It would be nice if we could have use the custom list capability for this.  In addition, being able to share test documents would be very helpful.


  • The Lists and Shared Documents modules were added to QAComplete with Release 10.2!

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    Is there any timeframe when the Enterprise 10.2 version will be released?

  • The announcement for on-prem 10.2 went out a few weeks ago, I believe - if you did not see it, just reach out to the support team and they will help you get the correct information.