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7 years ago
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UUID Parameter generation at runtime

Currently LoadComplete offers the ability to parameter random numbers. However in my web application we require a UUID to be generated at run time per virtual user. The only work around I have come up with is to build a CSV file full of random UUID's.  The problem is, once the UUID is used by a virtual user, I can no longer use that UUID, so post run i have to re generated the entire CSV file. This is tedious. 


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    Do you actually mean LoadComplete? If so, it is possible to generate a list of random GUIDs in LoadComplete using the GUID Generator feature. Is this what you're looking for?

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    Yes I meant LoadComplete, and no the GUID generator is static and has to be predefined. I want the application to just pick a random GUID every time a user runs the script. 

    Use Case:

    We have a message app that when a message is sent, it stores a GUID to that message in the DB. The API call requires me to assign a random GUID, if i dont or i assign a guid that already exists I get a PK duplication error.

    the GUID generator allows me to predefined my GUIDS, yes i can do that but i have to rebuild that text file, or CSV file every time I press the run button.


    I hope this makes sense? I just want to say, right here, use a random guid with this character length, idc how or what the guids are.