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7 years ago
New Idea

Implement random page time option on Page level

Currently it is not possible to combine random Page times with fixed think times.


For example, I have following scenario (see attached screenshot):




I have 2 Pages, I want the first page to have fixed think time of 6000ms,

I want the second page to have a random think time between 10 and 500ms.


Note: There might also be created an option to switch between fixed/ random times on the Test Editor:



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    To SmartBear:
    What about a variation of this request: To create one more Think Time option to be able to specify the possible random deviation from the recorded Think Time? I.e. to be able to specify that the think time may be, say, plus/minus 10% from the recorded time. Thoughts?

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    AlexKaras Good idea. Although, I wouldn't call it a variation on my request, but an additional feature (on same request).