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6 years ago
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Review Template Disable&Edit



In the Review Template, I cannot change the components inside after disable and automatic templates are created. Don't you have the option of doing the Disable option as in Checklist Templates? Disable while edit and then enable.




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    1- Go to Review Template

    2- Disable

    3- Enable

    4- Edit

    5- Automatically a new template that is the same with editted Review Template is created by Collaborator.


    I need Disable->Edit->Enable like Checklist Template.



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    Thank you for submitting your question.


    Regarding your observation, that is the expected behavior so to keep the current information consistent during the review process for all the reviews that might be also using the template. 

    On the other hand, as you have noticed it Collaborator will create another template so it can be used without disrupting other reviews.


    The checklists work similarly, it is not possible to edit them if they are currently associated/link to a template. 

    If you try to edit a checklist that is currently used, an error message will be shown at the top of the page:

     "Error: You cannot modify this checklist because it is in use by an active review template. Disable the template or remove this checklist from it to enable editing."