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9 years ago
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Provide a way to specify unique files in a review be treated as versions of the same file.

Currently when developers upload different versions of the same files using the eclipse plugin the files are identified based partly on their relative paths. This becomes a problem when these paths differ between uploads. This can occur for various reasons (like when release version information is included in the path) and cause files to be treated as unique files rather than new versions of the same file. 


It would be very helpful to have a way to tell Collaborator that specified separate files in a review are actually the same file and should be treated as a new version of the file.






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    This would also be helpful for files that were uploaded directly from the web interface (no source control integration, etc.); if you upload your revised version from a different directory then it appears as two different files with the same name. Doesn't sound like it would happen often but I have done this before, and recently someone else in my group did the same thing.


    Update on Sept 8/2016 - it appears that this is no longer the case for files uploaded from the web interface, it appears this must have been changed in one of the Collaborator v9 releases.

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    This would be a great addition. My developers like to keep each revision separate and when they upload a new revision the diff doesn't work. It is hard to get people to do this correctly ...... Please add this!

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    Another side to this same coin is that users may upload an updated version of the file, but there is not a way to indicate if this is Version 1 or Version 2.  The note that can be added to the file is not for THAT upload, it is for ALL versions of the file.  So, need a way to say that 2 files (with different names/paths) are the same, and also a way to identify 2 versions of the same file (V1, V2 for example.)  Note would be fine if it associates with one version of the file only.

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    This feature could also be used to support the fact that file moves/renames when uploading from version control systems aren't properly associated and currently show up as a full file remove and add.

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    Accepted for Discussion

    For files, uploaded manually in Web UI, this feature works since Collaborator 13.5.


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    We are using version 12.3.12304, and will respond after the software is

    Thank you for responding!