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3 years ago
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Not allowing removal of participants without confirmation

I would like to suggest that removing  of names can't happen without a confirmation.  This is especially true when the removal of the name will allow the review to be completed prematurely.  If there was a confirmation screen that popped up that said "Are you sure you want to delete this person even if the review will complete at this time, and in order to re-open the review you will need the assistance of an admin?"  We have had several recent examples where a participant was removed from the review before the replacement participant was added, and the review ended prematurely and had to be re-opened by an admin.  The proper sequence would be to add the new participant before you delete the old participant.  The review would not end in this sequence because the new participant would have to approve of the review before it completed.   People do not know that they need to add before they delete.  The confirmation screen would not prevent this from happening in all cases, but it is better than not knowing that they will cause problems if they delete first.  We are open to other suggestions, if someone has a better way of avoiding the situation.

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