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10 years ago
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Collapse folders and Personal Notes


So I don't know if these already exist or will be feature requests.

Collapse folder - Every once in a while we have a situation where we have to deal with rather large code reviews. In this situation it would be nice to be able to collapse folders in the Review materials section so you don't have to keep scrolling a lot back and forth. Makes the code reviews a lot less intimidating too.

Personal Note - Is there a way to write notes to yourself when doing code reviews? There have been several times when I have wanted to write a note to myself saying "Check X again after checking Y file" or something along those lines. So when I revisit the old file I will remember to do this. Now I don't want these personal doodles to appear to everyone and create unnecessary clutter, so it would be nice to have this as an option. Right now I just open a text editor and leave notes there but it's more convenient to leave notes at the location you want, think Kindle notes. 

Both are just nice to have kind of features but would reach help in the user experience if it were available.


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    This would be great especially for deleted directories and their files.  We occasionally have a review that removes a lot of files under several levels of directories.  It makes navigating the review difficult (lots of scrolling) and impacts the performance when refreshing the page with hundreds of items.  In these examples, it's not important to show the content of the files that were deleted; only the fact that a top level directory was deleted is usually enough to convey the change.


    We've tried hiding the files but that's also an individual per-file checkbox.  If hiding a parent directory also hid all of the children files/directories that would be easier.