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10 years ago

Clearly indicate status of reverted files in code review

In our daily code reviewing workflows people keep relying on the chat to clarify whether or not changes that were made to a certain file have been reverted. By that I mean, a file in the code base has been changed earlier in the review, then it was reverted to its original version. This means it disappears from the svn diff that is uploaded to Collaborator. In the Collaborator UI the reverted file then still shows up and it is unclear whether the changes to it were undone.


It would be great, if the status of a file in review that has been reverted to its original version could be indicated clearly in the UI, especially in the file view, not just the summary page.


It seems like a minor thing, but reverting of files happens quite often and it would be nice if Collaborator would support clear communication about this.



  • I believe that much of this request has been addressed in our latest release - 9.1.9100.  Reverted files are no longer displayed when looking at the Review Materials section unless you have your Review Materials section set to 'View as Seperate' or the files have comments.


    Also, details about the icons next to the files can be seen here: http://support.smartbear.com/viewarticle/66341/




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    I'd like to clarify that as of Collaborator Enterprise release 11.0.1, this is NOT implemented, at least not for Git.  If git commits containing changes to a file are uploaded as part of the diff range/set to Collaborator, then additional commits are uploaded to the same review that contain reverting the changes to the file, the file still appears in the modified state in the Collaborator Review Materials section while in Overlay mode.

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    BUG: This is not fixed, even with the described implementation, because of this "unless you have your Review Materials section set to 'View as Seperate' or the files have comments."

    The files often have comments in this scenario. Keeping the file visible is ok. What is not ok is that the diff is not being updated. So reviewers click on the file and it shows them there are differences when there are not. This is incorrect information and thus is a BUG in Collaborator!

    If the diff update cannot be solved, then there must be an option to not display the file "even if the file has comments".

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    I failed to reproduce any issues using the latest version of Collaborator Server (ver. 11.3.11301) along with Git and Subversion. Please let me know if you find any specific steps to replicate the issue using 11.3.11301.