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8 years ago
New Idea

Allow separating typos/spelling/grammar errors from higher-level feedback

 When reviewing a submission (especially documents), it would be very useful to be able to report typos, spelling and grammar errors separately from more important higher-level feedback. Likely with buttons that would allow showing/hiding either type independently.
We've seen that people tend to not flag such small (but still correctable!) issues otherwise, because they don't want to take attention away from the big-picture feedback, drowning it out with the small things.


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    I expect different organizations have found different ways to classify 'trivial' defects using review custom fields, so it would be nice to be able to filter based on custom field values, or maybe preconfigure what a 'trivial' defect means in terms of custom field values so a generic filter for 'trivial' defects could be added to the diff viewer similar to the other filters.

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    I agree with MrDubya, this really should be a request to be able to filter defects based on the custom categories that can/are added to them.