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8 years ago
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Allow removal of files from an active review

Collaborator is configured such that once any defect has been found in any file of a review, then no files in that review can be removed.   Your only option is to delete the review and make a new review.


This has been proved to be an inconvenience.   We’ve had people add files to a review they should not have. We’re human – it’s going to happen.   There is currently no way to remove those files from an active review; and deleting the whole review would lose defects found on files we do want to be reviewed.   


SB support says this is expected behavior, but I think we users would benefit if this were allowed.    (It could be customizable via Roles to allow at all, or limit to certain roles). 


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    In our case, many of the files we review are not code files from a change list, but individual spec files or something.  If I have added a file by mistake (or the wrong version from my computer), I can't delete the file unless I delete the whole changelist (which is not really a change list like multiple code files).  I don't want to do that because of the valuable information there.  I just want to remove the file that was mistakenly added.  Even if I have not made a comment to it, but have made a comment to another file in the list, I can't remove this bad one because the tool thinks it is part of a list and can only delete the entire list!  There needs to be a way to differentiate between a list of nested files and individual files.

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    Removing the files needs to be blocked for many users because absolute audit history must be maintained.  In 11.0.11000 the "hide" option for files was added that effectively implements what you describe.  It is limited to hiding files which have no comments however, including the Overall Accepted that marks a version of a file as reviewed by a user.

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    Not opposed to limiting who can remove files, or that a record be kept of that happening.   (I think I have another ticket out there that it's not easy to see a 'log' of a review to see who did what).


    But people do add wrong files, and even add wrong versions of files - which causes even more havoc.    I'm tired of cancelling reviews and starting new ones because someone fat-fingered a file.   (and tired of getting my own software engineers saying "how hard can it be to add this feature"...  :-)  

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    One of my users has uploaded a Subversion changelist set that apparently was the wrong changelist to an existing review. There were 2 changelists already uploaded to this review. They wanted to back out this last changelist so it doesn't contaminate the review. Separating the view didn't give the kind of display that I thought it would so we could remove the last changelist.


    What I would like to suggest is a future enhancement to the tool, where the last changelist could be removed if it was the wrong one (say a different ticket/Change Request was chosen by mistake instead of the same ticket that the original review was started with), even if it included files that had comments/defects against it, as long as no NEW comments/defects had been entered.

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    Yes, there needs to be a way to remove changelists.  This seems like a basic function.  Or at least fix the restriction.  I can't remove a changelist that has no comments or defects, as per the rules.