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3 years ago
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Allow Admins to close reviews

Bringing back an old thread - I'd like anyone with Admin privileges to be able to move a review to Completed.


We've had several instances where someone has left the company, or is on extended leave, and their roles is required to move a review to completed.


On solution is to shuffle roles - while that will allow a review to close, it's "not right".   If the author of a document is out sick - yes I can assign the author role to someone else - but now you are fudging the review records in order to get the closure.   Later when an auditor comes in we have to give a song and dance as to why the roles in the review don't represent the actual roles the staff members have.   We shouldn't need to alter the records to move things forward.   


The review is more than a record of defects - it's a record of who did what, and we shouldn't need to compromise that to get around a technical glitch.   


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    pbauer has provided the best approach.  even if the admin is allowed to close the review, some record/documentation should be provided to support the closure.

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    Another option is to put a comment in the chat section that explains why you are making a change to roles.  You can explain that the person has left the company or is out on short term leave.  This at least shows dates when your comment was made if an auditor looks at it and has questions.   Many things can be adequately explained to an auditor if it was documented when it was done, rather than trying to explain during an audit.

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    Agree with this opinion.  It is also important to clean up old stale reviews and there is no easy way to do this.