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9 months ago
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Zephyr-iTrack Test Case Execution Sync

Our Data Analytics team noticed that there are some items in Zephyr that have been completed, but are not showing as completed in iTrack when they are linked. Not sure who owns that relationship?

Example: [SPTSFDCSPT-19568] PI11:SFDC SS: Cancel an eligible Service/ Order and refresh UI with updated information - iTrack (att.com)

Some of the Zephyr test cases have been executed, but are showing blank in iTrack, while other test cases that were tied to this feature are not listed at all.

iTrack record - see picture


Zephyr details:

Test CaseListed in iTrackExecution StatusDate executedZ Requirement #'s  
11857028Yes, no statusPass5/8/2023273334 281302
11857026,Yes, no statusPass4/13/2023273334 281302
11857027,Yes, no statusPass4/24/2023273334 281302
11882131Yes, no statusPass - 281302
11692603,Not listedPass3/9/2023273334 -
11692604,Not listedOutscoped3/13/2023273334 -
11692605,Not listedOutscoped3/13/2023273334 -
11692606,Not listedDeferred3/30/2023273334 -
11692607Yes, deferredDeferred3/30/2023273334 281302
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