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10 months ago
New Idea

Support for 'lookup list' custom fields

Currently, if I update the list of values for a picklist custom field, those values are automatically updated in the assets where they are used. For example, if I update a priority field from 'P1' to 'Blocker', all test cases that use 'P1' will automatically reflect the new value 'Blocker.

This is useful, but there are use-cases where this is not desirable: for custom fields where the options can change over time. For example, at my company I use a custom field 'ProjectName' for all active projects across the company (potentially hundreds/thousands). But as old projects are deprecated and new ones started, I need to update the list of values without impacting the test cases that use the old values.

Thus, as an Admin, I'd like to option to create such type of custom fields (which are called 'lookup list'), for which the options can change over time but the values stored in Zephyr are stored as text and remain fixed.


OLD ID :- ZENT-I-253

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