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5 years ago
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Working on same project with shared mode

Hello, It is a great feature working on same project in shared folder, but we had noticed that it has two disadvantages:

- Constanlly apears a pop-up a message when my colegue is making changes, asking me if i want to reload the project and if i confirm my changes are not saved. It remembered the last changes of my collegue.(the location of our shared folder which containes our shared project is on my collegue PC).

- The second thing we noticed also when one of us reload the project with the newest changes ( click agree ), the variables that are created that day by the person that click yes to reload(pop-up message) the project are delited.

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    The solution:


    rather than using a shared drive and working with the project simultaneously, invest in a source control system (some are free, actually) like GIT or Mercurial.  While shared mode is nice for some things, it does not work well for what you're trying to do.  If you think about it, it makes sense... you wouldn't open the same file in two different copies of visual studio and try and work on it at the same time.