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10 years ago

Update Test Complete's Javascript engine

It's been asked for before by many users. Please update the Javascript engine. 


  • Plugging in a Typescript engine would also be a huge step forward

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    Hello, we are currently working on updating the JavaScript engine. In the next release of TestComplete 11.4, it will be updated to ES6 script version (ECMA6).


    Thank you for you feedback!


    Masha Kozinets,

    TestComplete Product Owner

  • We are actually trying to give as many options for scripting as possible - Python is nice and modern scripting language but JavaScript is very widely used.


    Also, I would like to note that the upcoming release will be actually 12.0 (not 11.4). This is mostly due to the fact that there are many new features in this release and we have updated project files format for friendly source countrol integration.


    Thank you,