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8 years ago
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Turn off warning "An object recognition hint" when calling Exists/WaitProperty("Exists")

The warning "An object recognition hint. See Additional Information for details." is always displayed, when an object is used and not found.


When testing if an object exists, the warning is not needed. Not finding the object in that case is not necessary a problem. Not generating warning when testing the Exists property, would also make "legitimate" object recognition hints easier to find and fix.


At least, it would be convenient, to have an option to turn it off at the project level.



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    Thank you for idea. This area will be improved. (Some improvements have already been made.)

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    I am very new with Testcomplete and I am also getting the same warning.  I have create a keyword test for a .net application and when I try to run the test I am always getting Preparing an object recognition hint.  I am testing with Chrome Version 73.0.3683.103 and TestComplete version 14.0.308.7 x64. 


    I have read some of the answers but because I am very new at this I do not know how to implement the proposed solution. 


    Here is a snapshot of my code.  It does not seem to recognize the fields on the form, it only recognizes the fields as image! 

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    Here is a snapshot of the log from the test run. 

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    lbouchar This seems to be a slighlty different problem.  The feature request has to do with WaitProperty methods and such.  You are having a more fundamental problem with object recogniion.  Note that in the details of the one error, the red-highlighted object is the one generating the error.  So, there is something wrong with the mapping/properties of that object.

    Please repost this question/query to the main forums and we can assist in helping you figure out what's wrong.