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5 years ago
New Idea

The window that needs to be closed first stays behind the other window.

Firstly I open "Object Spy" window, after that I open one of the testcomplete's warning windows, if warning window stays Object Spy window, I have no choice but to close the TestComplete from task manager. Because I couldn't reach the warning window and I couldn't click anywhere else.


  • I'm not quite sure what you mean when you say you open "one of TestComplete's warning windows" but here are some thoughts and workarounds:


    1) In the tools-options menu, there are checkboxes that you can use to deal with overlapping or unexpected pop up windows.


    2) If this isn't what you are talking about, then I'm thinking maybe you can use the ctrl-shift-a option in the object spy to direct the object spy to close the desired window first (since I'm guessing you are trying to call object method or something using the object spy to close the initial warning window)


    3) Also you could also you the Eval() method and check if the desired system processes are active, and then call some method on the desired object as well. i.e. Evaluate('Sys.Desktop.ActiveWindow')

  • I thought I wrote it clearly. Let me try more clearly.

    It is not about my program. It is about TestComplete itself.

    1-)Firstly I open the Object Spy window.

    2-)Then I click the test step for editing, it gives a warning (another window belonging test complete).

    3-)I want to close the warning but I couldn't. Because it stays behind the Object Spy window.

    4-)I couldn't close the object Spy window because of the warning ( TestComplete makes me close the warning first)

    5-)I have to go to task manager and end the TestComplete.

    6-)So I couldn't save my last works.


  • Ok, this is starting to sound more like a support ticket, but let me try to clarify my question more clearly as well.


    I'm going to attach a screenshot of how far i have gotten following these steps:


    1) I open up a (keyword) test case

    2) I clicked the object spy (when I do that, testcomplete minimizes for me)

    3) I click testcomplete and bring it back up ("maximize") it into my screen.

    4) I double click on a test step that I want to edit 

    5) this edit test step window now pops up, and is the main focus -- I cannot access the object spy anymore. I am not getting any warning when I click on the test step, so if that is where you are getting some error/warning dialogue, it's starting to sound like a support ticket.


    Some workarounds: 

    Could you elaborate on what you are trying to achieve by clicking the object spy and then clicking a test step? (or rather why you are performing these steps in this sequence). If you are trying to edit a test step and also have access to the object name mapping/aliase, couldn't you just as easly just use Object Spy, detect your desired object, highlight in name mapping/copy aliases, and then go back into the test step you want to edit and paste in in? 


    I apologize if I am completeing swinging and missing, but I feel like if we tweak how we are going about things here, you may have a way of accessing your objects via the object spy.