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8 years ago
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TC Support for apps built with Electron

Ok finally I have come back to Test Complete to ask them to rescue me again :) "Electron" a framework developed by Github is slowly gaining "Popularity"??. I have spent close to 3 months now to write a single test case where the test case is to open my electron app exe,enter the user name and password details and click on login button and check for successful login method. How hard is that using Test Complete?? May be 2-3 minutes. Yes you are hearing me right. If you have a proper test framework in Test Complete(which according to me is pretty easy to build and also quite effective) it wont take more than 3 minutes not 3 months that  too with out success. I have gone through this open source frameworks like mocha,chai,spectron ,coffee,blab blab blab . All I could do in this 3 months was everything except Testing which was my main job. Test Complete can you guys please support Electron and come to the rescue of testers like me. 

Your humble customer,thank you.


  • Electron is gaining popularity. The company I work at is using it and I would like to test it with TestComplete. Currently I cannot. Please help us to use your tools.

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    If I'm understanding this correctly (and forgive my ignorance if this isn't correct), but it seems that Electron leverages the Chromium web browser and java scripting engine for developing desktop applications.  So, in essence, an Electron built desktop application is an web application wrapped up in an executable... correct?

    TestComplete MIGHT already be able to do that as, I think, it can read browser objects within other desktop applications.  It would be neat to try, that's for sure... but have you attempt to utilize some of the web based testing features of TestComplete to test your Electron apps?

  • Hi tristaanogre my apologies for the delayed response . Yes you are right regarding Electron. But the problem here with Test Complete is it can support certain Chromium embedded frameworks except electron. I have emailed the support and they have made clear that for now they have no support for Electron apps. This are the current CFE apps they support CEF Apps support by Smart Bear . Currently I am using Selenium with C# to test Electron and I have learnt how to do that but unfortunately not with much help from the forums. But now I have gained some knowledge in it.