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9 years ago
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Support references to NameMappings of other projects

We are dealing with many different executables, which are interacting with each other in our tests. What we would like is to do is to have distinct responsible persons to maintain the NameMapping and the tests for each of the individual applications. In the "main" test project, we like to reference the "subprojects" and plug them together to obtain the integration test suite.

This is working fine for script files (where you can add a reference to an "external" file, which is part of another project). But this does not work for the NameMapping file. It is only possible to have one monolithic NameMapping file in the main project. The only way at the moment is to "merge" all the NameMappings of the subprojects to the main project's NameMapping, which is error prone and cumbersome.
It would be great if the NameMapping of the main project could somehow "include" or "reference" other NameMapping files from other projects, which are part of the project suite.


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    I would like to add a +1 from me as well. I have a different use case.

    I need to access a 3rd party web site to submit data to my site and receive data from my site. Our QA people want that round trip of data in 1 unit. If I could have 2 name mapping files I could separate the name map of the third party site from my site. This would help with maintenance, and speed since both sites have very large maps. 

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    +1 for me too


    We use different applications and the namemapping file becomes huge and hard to maintain.


    An idea could be, that under TestedApp, we could specify a path to each app's namemapping for example.


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    Yes, I second that! Being able to reference (multiple) NameMapping-Files in conjunction with the projects own NameMapping would be great for collaborate work in general and not only for specific scenarios (different apps). I see that this request is "Selected for Development" for over one and a half year; is there any news on how things are going? Is there a rough ETA?
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    Something like this would be useful for our team as well.  We have multiple applications within out product.  Some have a large number of object that we need to interact with.  We are just starting with test complets, and are currently sharing one name mapping with all projects that need any part of it.


    It would be nice if we could have one NameMapping file per application, then tests could import/reference the individual applications' NameMapping.


    This would mean that we could have people working on separate applications and not having collisions.  Frequent check-ins and down-merges help, but I think that this is going to become a pain point.  


    We are looking at each application having a separate NameMapping and merging to a master one, but that brings with it another set of processes that we need to ensure get done. 


    Is there any ETA on this request?