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7 months ago
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Support last version of firefox

 As of now, TestComplete supports the following versions of Mozilla Firefox:
- Mozilla Firefox 91 - 102.15 ESR
- Mozilla Firefox 94 - 116 (both 32- and 64-bit versions)

But last version of firefox available is 121.0.1 since January the 9th


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    Has anyone found a workaround to run scripts on a more recent version of Firefox?  With TestComplete being 7 versions behind, 50% of my scripts are useless due to the applications containing Object Frames.  The only alternatives that support has been able to give me is to disable security settings in Chrome (unacceptable) or give them more money and pay for BitBar. 

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    This issue is really annoying for us as well. Our IT sec team is telling us we should be on the latest version or close to it. But we can't update because it's not supported by TestComplete.
    Any workaround would be appreciated. 

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    The official work around from Smartbear is to use Chrome and to disable security settings which is not acceptable to our network security team.   The work around that I have been using is to install TC on a VM with the version of Firefox that it supports.  However, being 9 versions behind now, application performance is severely declined.  When you have put in delays of over 1 minute to wait for screen refreshes, it defeats the purpose of automated testing.   So I have just had to resort to manual testing for those applications.  

    One suggestion that I had received from the many tickets that I have opened for this issue was to use TC in conjunction with BitBar which does support the latest version of Firefox. You will also need the mobile module of TC.   However, that did not work for my test case.  YMMV.