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9 years ago
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Support for FireMonkey / FireUI

TestComplete lacks support for testing of Delphi / C++Builder applications that are using the FireMonkey / FireUI cross platform framework. The only options are to use OCR or low-level mode tesing, making UI testing cumbersome.


The FireMonkey framework is actually widely accepted and getting momentum in the Delphi community, and missing support for FireMonkey is quite a pity.


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    Is there any new informations about this issue and the latest version of TestComplete (V11) ?

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    I am having issues with TestComplete being not able to recognize some objects in the application (using ObjectSpy),


    the application might be compiled using FireMonkey/FireUI. But I am not sure.


    Is there any way how I can determine which framework the application is using? I have an executable I want to investigate/decompile it so I can determine whether or not FireMonkey / FireUI was used or not.