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9 years ago
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Stop testcomplete from unchecking test items under a group

I am having an issue I would like to have corrected in an upcoming release. Say for instance I have my test items in a group:


Start Program

- Launch Exe

- Select database

- Login


Now, if I uncheck the check box for "Start Program" folder/group it disables the items underneath. This is fine, however, I check the folder/group checkbox again to enable it, the test items underneath the folder/group are now unchecked. I would think that if I enable the folder/group that the test items underneath would be enabled.

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  • Unchecking the folder doesn't uncheck the child items.  They will remain checked, but disabled.  If you check the folder again, it will enable it and any children that were checked before.  If any of those child items were unchecked before, they will remain unchecked when the parent becomes enabled.  At least this is the way it behaves for me and it makes sense.

    Are you sure you didn't select all the items and select "Disable Selected"?  In that case it will actually uncheck every item in the selection.  Or did you select Disable All?