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10 years ago
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Standalone object spy

It was veeeeery painful to find the root cause of one error in mobile Android application because programmer doesn't have Object Spy in his computer so he had to create at least 15 builds of application in order to find out what is causing problem and when new version of app was created I had to verify with Object Spy if it is OK or not. So standalone Object Spy tool would be greatly appreciated. Since this tool is already created in TestComplete I think that it should not be huge effort.


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    I have updated idea to be more clear because in my case browser's inspector(on programmer's PC without TestComplete installed on it) would not help me. I would need to have TestComplete ObjectInspector to inspect Android native application. 

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    I would like to have a standalone Object Spy (or Object Browser), too, for desktop applications.

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    I requested this feature quite a while back as well (ver 7 days !). It is often critical to use the object spy on PCs that have only TestExecute installed. This allows for faster and targeted triage of issues encountered during test runs.


    My preference is for a standalone utility as first preference, and object spy as part of TestExecute as a second choice.