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Results Display in Team Foundation Server



So I love that I can run a build through TFS and send out an email with the results attached in a file. However, not everyone that would like to see these results can view and understand the email that is being sent out. Also the quantity of the tests is also in question occasionally. Right now, the data that is recorded by TFS system is very misleading. It makes you think you have only executed one tests. Ideally displaying the results overtime on the Dashboard and accurately reflecting the data within the file that states which tests have passed and which tests have failed would be ideal. 


The functionality that I am imagining is similar to the results display of builds and unit tests that exist in TFS today. 



User Story - 


As a User I want to be able to view test results by test case through the TFS Dashboard System so that I can better display the results of the tests I conduct using Testcomplete. 

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