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9 years ago
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Possibility to check if a TestExecute-license is available


It would be great to have the possibility to automatically check if a TestExecute floating license is available or not?


We currently have TE licenses for 3 different projects.

As we do not need all licenses in these projects all the time we want to share them. Per se this is no problem as we have a central license manager. But if the test starts and there is currently no license available the test ends without anything run.

We want to prevent this by previously checking if a license is available and postponing the test (or delaying or something like this)

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  • I have created a small selenium script scraping the licenses from the licese server. It the number is low, Then the test will wait for more licenses.

    It will not work going to check for zero license, due to the license server not updating instantantly and multible test starting simultainously.