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9 years ago
New Idea

open log folder hierarchy

Provide a function to open the log folder hierarchy until on the reached level one of the following message nodes is found: a) checkpoint, b) Error, c) Warning.

Start at the selected Log Folder.



my test logs are large, and they do have a deep structure (>8 hierarchy levels). So far, to have a look at the test results, I do have to do lots of clicking to open the log tree.


The log tree does have a functional structure:

- the upmost levels give access to the functional detail tests.

- On the functional detail test level, there is a folder with the technical detail test steps, and one or more checkpoint, warning or error messages to sum up the result.

- The technical test steps do have further hierarchical structure which is not limited. In this sub-hierarchy, there can also be substructures like on the functional detail test level.


This feature would help me to open the respective functional detail result level for each log node e. g. with a single Ctrl-Click which would be GREAT and prevent trigger finger arthrosis from clicking.



  • Are you aware of the "Go to Next:" pulldown at the top-left of the log files?  You can select from Error, Warning, Success, Message, Event, or Checkpoint.  Is this what you had in mind or did I misunderstand you?

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    The  "Go to Next:" function partly does what I need:

    It opens the single next location where e.g. a warning is logged. But: Subsequent folders on the same hierarchy level also containing warnings are left closed. I need them opened.


    As written above, the function also would need to comprise checkpoint, Error, Warning