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11 months ago
New Idea

Method to wait for free TC license

Hi guys,


I'm coming from Ranorex world and one of the things I really miss in TC is a method to wait for available license. Our (Ranorex) tests are implemented for many projects and they are started asynchronously from Azure Devops. Because of limited number of licenses, "wait for available license" is crucial for us. Without it, some tests would most probably fail, because of unavailable license. I was quite surprised to find there is no such method in TestComplete.


In Ranorex, we have something called WaitForValidLicense(timeout, checkInterval), which simply pauses the execution of test, until the free license is not found (based of defined timeout and check interval). Am I alone who needs something like this in TC?


PS: I found an old request from 2016, but it seems it faded away over the years?

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