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8 years ago
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Make Tools-->Options panel resizeable

I have been fighting many times with the Options panel to click OK bcz it hides behind the task bar.


I know It is possible to click OK using tab and placing the Task-bar Horizontally. However If the Options panel is resizable then i can put full-stop to my problem.


I hope this will not be a big change.


PFA for the better understanding of my issue.


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     Are you using TestComplete in Remote Desktop? or Have you enabled "Auto-Hide the Taskbar"?

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    No,I'm using it in my local machine only and "Auto-Hide the Taskbar" is not enabled


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    Just FYI, the minimum required screen resolution for TestComplete is 1280 × 1024 (see System Requirements). Your screen height appears to be 768, which is less than the required minimum.

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    Oh..Yeah i got that....but if i able to resize that would be better bcz we have all systems running in 1366*768.