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List of items modified within a script file

When you make a change in a script file, a YELLOW indicator is placed on the left hand side, next to the line number. Every change that is made is referenced by its own line number change. Once a change has been saved, then the colour changes from YELLOW to GREEN.


What will be very useful, is something similar to the List of Breakpoints that you can access from the "View/Debug/Breakpoints" screen, is to have a menu item that gives you a list of all the script file changes marked in Yellow or Green i.e. if I could go to say something like "View/Debug/Go to Changes" or something like that, and get a list of the changes made, then it will make it easier for me to locate the changes within my script file very quickly instead of having to scroll down a large script file looking for the little YELLOW or GREEN highlight indicators.


Also, if you could place this new feature on the Menu Toolbar so you could just click on the 'Next' or 'Previous' button to take you to the next or previous YELLOW/GREEN modification, within the same document. This will be a simple click option to navigate from one change to another. If you want to expand the search option to also display breakpoints and any other useful items then the user will have the option to select which options to use in their search.

This way I can track my changes much quicker and see what changes I have made before saving the changes of the file.

Let me know if there is already an option otherwise, if there is no current option, whether this is a possible future change.


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