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7 years ago
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Improvements after renaming/moving Aliases

Given the technical difficulties of implementing the following idea please can we get an interim solution implemented that will, upon renaming or moving of an Alias within the hierarchy:

  1. Automatically update the Alias of 'Compare Property' parameters when they are set using Mode = Object Property
  2. Automatically update the Alias of stores objects (e.g. DB Table object).
  3. In order to capture other occurrences of the Alias within scripts etc, the user is prompted if they wish to open a find/replace, if they choose to it will automatically populate the former Alias name in Find and new Alias name in Replace with options for the scope to be set to:
    • Current open windows
    • Current Project
    • Project Suite


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    It would be better practice to keep your aliases always static, and only update the mapping. That's exactly what the Aliases are for, so that you can modify the mappings, and hierarchy without adversely affect your tests. 


    What is the use case you have for needing to rename and move aliases? 

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    cunderw I was wondering that too.  I thought Aliases were supposed to be permanent.

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    Well, Aliases are typically "permanent" but, occasionally, I've had to reorganize some things.  Like, let's say I mapped a component on a form and so didn't alias one of the sub panels containing that component.  But later I found that I needed to access an object higher up in the hierarchy so I would need to re-organize the Aliases a bit.  It doesn't happen often but it does happen.