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8 years ago
New Idea

Implement sending testlogs via email using templates (rewriting)

Currently it takes scripting and configuration if you want to email the testlog after execution.

Scripting to invoke email functionality. Configuration of the smtp server, credentials etc. 


This is a feature request to make sending testlogs (including screenshots) via email easier, especially for non scripting testers.


Features include:

* Sending email feature using Keyword Driven Testing (same as when you invoke a "Run TestedApp' for example)

* automatic configuration of servers using templates, similar as when you configure email clients: based on provider (like Gmail, Outlook, hotmail), user name/password the configuration is done automatically;

* Setting of encryption type (TLS, SSL, none);

* Option to define from address, to addresses, subject, body, include archived attachments;


This Feature request I think, can be combined with other feature requests as well, like these:


This would greatly enhance TC support for sending the log to Test engineers, Test Manager, etc.


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