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Implement a way of storing/exporting compact log file, as alternative to .mht file storage

Implement a way of storing/exporting compact log file, as alternative to .mht file storage

Currently, test logs can be saved/exported as unpacked storage or as .mht file.


I prefer to have it as one file (so mht is preffered), however only IE is capable of showing .mht files. MHT format it's a bit of an obsolete file format.


The request is to implement an alternative format that is similar to MHT however more supported by different browsers.

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Can I vote for this 1000 times?  Chrome doesn't let us pull these files out of Google Drive any more either.  We have to use Firefox to get them back and then open them in IE.  It's time for a change.

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Sure is time for a change in that respect!

Status changed to: Selected for Development
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Also it should be get the full name from Logs as of now, while we exporting logs it take same name again and again (we need to rename it). It would be a greate help if it would be export with actual name (Actual log name along woth date and time).


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Yes, the name too please!


@mgroen2 I agree with you, but what data format do you think will be most convenient for this purpose? PDF, single HTML file, or something else?

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@dganov I think following 3 requirements are best:

1. PDF file (which includes name with date/time stamps see comments above from @Ravik). For management reporting.

2. One single ZIP file (same with date/time stamp in filename). Zip file contains all testlog data, screenshots, etc. For test engineers/test managers reporting

3. Keep the old MHT functionality (for users currently depending on it);

4. Ability to define an email  template with subject and the PDF/ZIP/MHT as attachments and to send it automatically after each test execution.


What do you think?


Makes sense for me.

Just few documentation links that could help:

#1, #2: Exporting Test Results in TestComplete - there you can find possibility to export to PDF as well as zipped log (see .tcLogX-format)

#4: Sending Results via E-Mail

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#1: Unfortunately, the Print Preview option (to print to PDF) is only available in the Detailed log section. I'd would be very nice if this feature could be implemented on the Summary tab as well.

See attached screenshot.444.png

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Hi Mathijs,


Exporting is avialable via File | Export To PDF. Please refer to the following article for details:

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