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9 years ago
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Implement scan option (or update namemapping) during test run

As stated in this feature request, we work agile and the tester gets new applications versions (almost) on a daily basis.

The tester does not know which objects have been changed/deleted. And does not know which controls (object) are new.


This feature request is to enhance TestComplete with a feature:

It is to implement a 'scan' (or update namemapping feature) to scan the updated application so that the namemapping gets updated according to the updated application:

new objects are placed in the namemapping;

changes done in existing objects get updated in namemapping;

deleted objects are removed from namemapping.


After that the tester runs the script and it runs with no errors (because all changes are reflected in the namemapping prior to the test run), and also (but this is really a dream coming true), TestComplete marks the new but-not-yet-tested controls (in the Visualizer images for example). So that the tester can update the testscripts to new objects get tested as well. This is something like the current "Map object from screen" function, but with the difference that it scans the whole application (or screen based), and reflects the Name mapping repository automatically as well.


I realize this is a rather big feature request but I think allows Smartbear to become real market leader in test automation!!