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4 years ago
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Fix checkpoint performance degradation issue for KeyWord tests

In a new versions of Testcomplete is disappeared the ability to select JScript language in project.
But for several year has a problem that prevents our team from switching to JavaScript ES6.
When test run has repeated Property checkpoints, each other assertion consumes more and more time to finish.
It reproduces only in KeyWord tests, runned in JavaScript ES6 project with OnStartTest event is activated.
In the attachment you can find an archive that will help you reproduce the problem.
Execution of KeyWord test for a JScript ES3 project takes 53 seconds. For a JavaScript ES6 project, the same test takes more than two minutes to execute.
There is a huge problem for a big projects.
We created support Case #00415520 couple years ago, but this problem does not fixed yet in the newest versions.
Perhaps the vote as feature request will push SmartBear to solve such a serious problem.

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