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4 years ago
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'Find Usages' feature to identify if a script routine is inside the block of if/else or while

Script routine right click >> 'Find Usages' feature does find where in keyword tests the function/script routine is used if the script routine is added inside the if/else or while block in a keyword test.


Please add feature to identify all instances where script routine is used within keyword tests irrespective of placement of such script routine if present either inside the if/else/while block or outside

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    Agree, i manage big projects so by time i've routines becoming unused.


    But the function is already existing with the Find dialog. Perhaps just to improve the Find dialog by adding a checkbox "Method usage" which will do a clever usage finding (does the function is called in the executed code so evaluation of the usage according to the Test item checked to be played in Project Test Item management tab).