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4 months ago
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Extended Scripting Support for Name Mapping

Currently (version 15.61), there is only rudimentary scripting support for the name mapping section (supports adding and removing name mappings, but unlike in the GUI functionality, adding name mappings is done without adding an alias).
Any advanced action via scripts needs to use the name mapping file itself, which is very cumbersome.
Example use cases:
1.) Advanced “Add” with parameters -> additional creation of an alias node
2.) Get/set identification properties separately via name mapping or alias nodes (without needing to run the application under test)
3.) Get path information (get name mapping path from alias and vice versa)
4.) Create your own scanning routine -> Scan with one click
5.) Apply conditional mode for identification properties in scripts
- The manipulation of the name mapping files is carried out “officially”
- User doesn't have to worry about formatting the name mapping file
- Overall easier creation of scripts related to name mapping

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