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5 years ago
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deletion of keywordtests

when you delete an keyword test from the list of keyword tests it will removed from there - but if you have this test in other keywordtests these will stop with error message that this keyword test is missing and you have to remove him manually.


i would suggest that when you delete a test, it will be deleted from everywhere (also from other tests).


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    Um... that's not exactly practical?  Because removing a keyword test reference from another keyword test would STILL mean that other keyword test would fail.  The assumption is that the keyword test being referenced has some necessary function that, when it's removed, suddenly things won't be in the same state.


    It's like writing an application that uses a class declared in a unit... and then deleting that code unit from the project.  Anyplace that class is referenced will suddenly cease to function.  So... if I could down-vote an idea, I'd down-vote this one.

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    Down vote from me too!  :)


    I prefer to have the failures show up, even if I have to fix them all manually.  If there are too many places that the deleted test was referenced, then maybe I need to rethink removing it.   There may also be other testers using it that I didn't know about and this will give us both an alert.  And, as tristaanogre said, removing the test may cause a cascade failure elsewhere.  If that happens in a test that isn't used very often, the removed test may be forgotten and time will be lost troubleshooting the problem.