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Command Line and Collapsible Script Methods

Request 1:

As of now, I have faced problems in passing variables from command line to TestComplete. So, if I would like to have a single suite, working for different regions/environments, and execute them from command line, I don't get an option to pass PARAMETERS to my Project or Project Suite.


Consider having to work on 5 environments. When i evoke TC execution, I would like to pass arguments to my Project/Project Suite (can be said as Project or Project Suite Test Parameters). This will ease my work in simply passing my arguments for environments and other static data, which will accordingly execute my scripts with the correct configurations.


Request 2:

Another request, which I would want across all automation tools - Give a feature to collapse methods. It's quite tiring to go through the our scripts to find a method. I know, we can find it using the drop down, but it's not always that easy - It's hard to move up and down, with that much of code on the block. A similar approach like we have in Visual Studio - the ease of programming and maintenance just gets better.


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    > Request 2


    Several notes:

    1) Right-click within the editor window and there should be the 'Collapse By Definitions' context menu command;

    2) The problem with the above command (as of the time when I used it) is that it preserves the state (collapsed / expanded) based on the source line number. This results in a garbaged display if the source file is modified outside of TestComplete editor (e.g. as a result of merge using some third-party tool). Visual Studio physically includes region tags into the sources thus making state preserving more stable;

    3) @SmartBear Support: Maybe it is possible to enchance the state logic by preserving the state (collapsed / expanded) by method name in the local project configuration file ?

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    AlexKaras Wow great, I was never aware of it. Though, i was looking for something similar to Visual Studio (a +, - sign for collapse, expand) :). But nice to know, there is something of the like, at least.