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6 years ago
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COM method to provide the name of the currently running test item

I'm trying to implement a feature for the TestComplete Support Jenkins plugin which shows the progress of the currently running test. To be more exact, I want the Jenkins build log to look like this:


1 out of 65 done ...
2 out of 65 done ...

My approach is to run a separate C# app on the build agent which communicates with TestComplete via COM and reports back to Jenkins. I've already found a way to retrieve the list of enabled test items, I just need the name of the currently running one. Unfortunately AFAICT TestComplete/TestExecute doesn't provide any method to retrieve this information.



Could you add a method which provide the name of the currently running test item (let's say a method called currentTestItem() in ItcIntegration)? Or if there already is a way to retrieve this info, could you inform me how can it be done?



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