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8 years ago
New Idea

Change log status result

Sounds bad! But wait a minute :)

I'd like to be able to change a line status in the TC test log with some kind of simple audit trail. For example, there are times when


- something comes up as e.g. a Warning or Error 

- we take a look, "It's not an error that matters to us" or "Its a warning that's innocuous"


I want to be able to see/track 


- our team reviewed the log e.g. went through the log, looked at all the warnings, errors and overrode those which weren't important.

- the statuses that were changed i.e. see which had been changed from warnings to "Passed" or whatever the status would be for "this was a Warning but it's actually OK"

- Add a note to the item whose status was changed so we can know "why was this changed from Error to e.g. 'Error but Passed' status

- The overall status of the test run to be updated e.g. if not everything has "passed" it can change the overall run status to an errr darker green to indicate there were errors but they were innocuous.


That way the log becomes a document that we can go through, update, and the overall log would reflect the status of the run after human review.


There are other ways to manage this process but it becomes something like tracking it in a spreadsheet but ideally this would all be in one place i.e. the TC log (and/or perhaps QAC if you have a license).


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    I tend to say I like the idea...


    Although I have my doubts on remaining a clear (transparent) audit trail.... also I have my doubts whether this functionality is not more in the area of test management (QA Complete)...