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10 years ago
New Idea

Better support for hotkeys and mouseless development

As it sounds.... really easy:


Unfortunatelly TestComplete editor is one of the worse I've ever used. There's support for changing tabs.... which is IE like and doesn't really work well (jumps from 1 to 3 back to 2 and the 6 tab... rather randomly). Laks lots of features Visual Studio, sublime Text 2, Notepad ++, etc support.


There's a couple of options here to make it easier for SmartBear to decide what to do:


  • Allow users to use any third party editors (can be done right now.... but it's not fully integrated for history, etc)
  • Add lots of key bindings and new hotkeys schemes VS like, Sublime Text 2 like, etc

PD. Idealy F5 for example should execute the test item/function I'm developing, not the whole project. You get the idea, right? The whole thing should be reviewed

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